It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Flegg High Ormiston Academy website, and to a small window into our school. The core of everything we do is our student body, and if they are safe, happy and successful then to my mind we are doing very well indeed. My job as Principal is to take Flegg High Ormiston Academy from a good school to an outstanding school.

I am incredibly lucky to have an excellent group of staff, a passionate and dedicated team of Governors and a wonderful school of learners and parents to help us get there. The aim of this website is to introduce you to the school and the exciting educational opportunities that we offer.

Flegg High Ormiston Academy Offers

  • A caring environment with strong pastoral support
  • A drive for every lesson to give students the opportunity to make progress and enjoy their learning
  • A flexible and constantly evolving curriculum that allows students to achieve examination success in their chosen disciplines
  • A wide range of extra-curricular opportunities both inside and outside of school to encourage wider learning
  • An exceptional student leadership body, pushing our young people to be a strong and effective voice within the school
  • Excellent and improving IT provision. Constantly upgraded and fit for purpose facilities
  • Good relationships with parents that allow students to achieve as well as they are able. Clear and effective governance
  • Strong community links

Students are part of a vibrant house system which also enjoys a hugely successful prefect scheme. Heads of House liaise well with parents to support young people, as do our dedicated and ever-ready Support and Administration teams. Learning and Teaching are our priority areas and students are a key part of the target setting process that ensures they are constantly striving to be the best they can. A friendly yet formal, traditional yet forward looking ethos underpins what we expect from our students, and what we in turn aim to deliver. Within this I believe that every action should have a consequence, and in this respect we always aim to reward and celebrate all aspects of school life, praising students wherever possible.

Over the past few years results in many areas of the school have improved, and headlines have increased over the past two exam sessions. Like many schools though we have still experienced some of the variability caused by shifting grade boundaries, pressure on exam boards from OFQUAL and the Governmental policy machine which has driven so many changes and adaptations at such a fast rate. We are not seeking excuses though, rather we are more determined than ever to overcome these pressures and ensure students leave prepared for the next steps they will take in education, employment and training. I feel proud and privileged to be Principal here and would welcome visitors to come and see what we offer, meet the students and staff and feel part of our very special community at Flegg High Ormiston Academy.

Dr Simon Fox