Attendance & absence

We believe that every school day counts and we are committed to providing the best education possible for ALL pupils.  It is vital therefore, that pupils need to attend regularly and punctually throughout the school year.  Each half term parents/carers receive a colour coded letter which indicates how well a pupil is doing with their attendance.


GREEN - attendance is good or outstanding


AMBER - attendance is in danger of being too low


RED – attendance is too low


The school rewards good/outstanding attendance with a weekly hat draw for 100% attendance, merits and certificates.


An attendance consultant is employed by the school to work with us on attendance.  She offers support to families where attendance is an issue, but we are prepared to follow the law regarding non-attendance if necessary.


Attendance works best where there is a partnership between home and school as we strive to remain outstanding with attendance as recognised by Ofsted in May 2011.

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