Boys uniform

       School uniform

School uniform

Boys uniform


Blazer: Classic navy blazer (compulsory).

Must be purchased from one of the uniform suppliers listed.


Tie: School tie is to be purchased from the School.


Trousers: Navy blue, traditional school uniform in style and colour. Jeans, chinos, cords and skinny trousers may not be worn.


Shirts: Light blue, traditional school uniform style and material. All shirts must have traditional school uniform style collars.


Jumper: Navy Blue V-neck jumper with logo.  Must be purchased from one of the uniform suppliers listed.


Shoes: Black shoes. Boots are not part of the uniform, nor are trainers, canvas or ‘Vans’ or ‘Converse’ style footwear.


Socks: Blue, black or white plain socks.


Boys Dance:


Yr 7 & 8 – PE kit, bare feet or dance shoes.

Yr 9+ - Tops/jackets (available to order from school)

Either black or navy tracksuit bottoms.

Boys uniform

We have changed our uniform.  To find out

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PE Expectations for Boys

Coats & Jackets

Coats & Jackets: Navy blue or black are the preferred colour for outer garments worn when travelling to school. Denim jackets/coats are not permitted. Hooded sweatshirts may only be worn to and from school.  Outer garments should be free from slogans.



Outer Garments

Coats & scarves are not to be worn during lessons, assemblies or in OT’s.

Pupils are advised to wear reflective bands in the winter, especially when cycling.  Extremes of school uniform are unacceptable.




All clothing must be clearly marked with the owner’s name.




The only jewellery permitted is plain stud earrings (only one in each ear lobe).  Any other body modifications or piercings are NOT allowed.




Extreme hair colouring/styles are not permitted; colours should only be natural hair colours.




Make-up is unnecessary, but if worn is to be ‘natural looking’ and not obvious.




Coloured nail varnish, acrylics or adornments are not permitted.



Non-uniform days

Non-uniform days are used every half term to reward pupils and to raise charitable funds.  In these circumstances, the clothes worn by pupils must still comply with some of the fundamental principles:


  • They must be safe and practical for school use.
  • They must not promote unacceptable messages – drugs, violence, racism etc.  The Senior Leadership Team will decide on limits of acceptability.
  • They must not conceal identity.
  • They must not be indecent.