Business & enterprise

Business & enterprise

The business world is constantly changing. The business studies and applied business courses have been designed to give you the chance to learn about these changes as well as covering conventional material that can be applied to real business contexts.


The subject is taught by Mrs King and team in dedicated ICT rooms equipped with 1 to 1 computers for pupils.





Information technology

Key stage 3: Business studies

At Key Stage 3 students will learn the look into how to set up a business, how to own businesses, having the opportunity to take part in creating a new product/service and branding. By having business on key stage curriculum provides all learners with knowledge prior to GCSE courses if chosen for options. Units will involve the following topics:

School trips

Key stage 4: Applied Business

For the GCSE Applied Business course (single qualification), there are two units.


Unit 1: This unit is an investigation into what business enterprise is all about, including how businesses are organised and how people are involved. It also looks at new issues such as ‘ethical’ and ‘green’ business. You will focus on one local and one national or international business.


Unit 2: This unit focuses on how businesses record financial transactions, make payments and keep records of how they are doing. You will learn about balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and how to use these to understand business performance in a practical context.


If you are interested in the world of business then our GCSE in Applied Business is the subject for you. During the course you will investigate actual businesses and gain an understanding of business finance. It is ‘applied’ because you use what you learn to understand the businesses you investigate. You will:

learn about and understand the world of business

develop skills in the financial aspects of business

carry out research, both within and away from the classroom

learn how to work in a team with other members of the class

learn through investigation in addition to listening and reading.

These skills are directly transferable to the world of work.


The Business Department regularly welcomes visitors from a large number of local and national businesses. This gives learners excellent insights into the world of work and allows them the opportunity to ask questions of and engage with future prospective employers.

To download the Business & Enterprise curriculum map click HERE