We aim to offer a broad and balanced curriculum at Flegg High School, designed to give learners experience of as many curriculum areas as possible in years 7 and 8 whilst supporting skill development to ensure that learners are able to access the curriculum at key stage 4. Learners at the school begin key stage 4 courses when appropriate to give them the best chance of success and study a mixture of core subjects (studied by all) and foundation subjects (studied as options). All learners in key stage 4 study English, mathematics, science, physical education and ethics until they leave school. These subjects are studied for 29 hours per fortnight. The remaining 21 hours per fortnight are 'options' subjects, where learners study courses they have selected to ensure their progression post-16 and give them the best chance of success. We aim to offer as many different courses as possible to our young people at the appropriate level for them. In addition to this, Flegg High School is committed to working with high quality external education providers to ensure that we are able to offer a diverse and engaging curriculum to all our learners, embracing both traditional academic and vocational routes through education.


Curriculum at Flegg High School is the responsibility of the leadership team who collaborate to ensure that all learners’ needs are met on an annual basis. The work of the leadership team is supported by subject leaders who are dedicated to providing ever-evolving, engaging and learner-focused courses at both key stages 3 and 4. Annual review of the schools' curriculum offering is a key.

Annual review of the schools' curriculum offering is a key aspect of the leadership team’s work to ensure that all learners' needs throughout the school are met.


A key aspect of the school’s curriculum is that learners are able to gain support at every stage throughout their education. At key stage 3, learners in need of extra support and intervention are supported in timetabled periods in a personalised manner to ensure their progression. Moving on to key stage 4, those learners who are still unsure of their future pathway through education have the option to continue studying a full range of subjects before making their options choices at a later date. Similarly learners are able to select English Baccalaureate pathways over either 3 years or an accelerated 2 years to ensure they are stretched and supported at every stage of their education.


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