Design & technology

Design & Technology

Introduction to the subject/ethos/mission statement


Technology at Flegg high school is taught to all students at KS3. They rotate throughout the school year. Within Years 7 and 8 students will have a project in Food, Graphical Communications, Textiles, Materials Technology and Engineering. Within the two years they will design and make a variety of products that they will be able to take home.


In technology we believe that all students have the ability to design and make innovative and exciting products. We encourage all student to think outside the box and to design with a free and open mind.


At the end of KS3 student can opt to choose Food Science, Materials Technology, Visual and Graphical Communications and BTEC Art and Design as a Key Stage 4 option subject. In year 9 student work on projects to widen their knowledge in the area they have chosen, and then in year 10 they will start their course work.

The Technology Department at Flegg High School is creating the problem solvers of the future.


Meet our department


Mr Crane – Subject Leader for Design and Technology and Teacher of Food Science

Mrs V Swan -  Teacher of Visual and Graphical Communications

Ms Barry - Teacher of Textiles/ Btec Art and Design/ Food Science

Mr J Green-Plumb -  Teacher of Materials Technology/Food Science

Mrs A Cropley – Teacher of Food Science

Mr L Jones – Teacher of KS3 Engineering

Mrs J Stewart – Technology Technician


Learning in technology


In KS3 students learn practical skills which will result in them designing and making a product in each of the disciplines. We also have a big focus on literacy and numeracy, they are made aware of the social and moral issues surrounding the subject. To accompany their products they will also have to complete a written component of their product which includes how and why, they have developed their work and include detailed annotation and evaluation of their design development journey.  These skills are then transferred in to KS4 where students have the opportunity to study a technology subject in years 9, 10 and 11.


We currently have a large number of the school’s cohort studying a Technology subject in years 9, 10 and 11. Students dovetail theory work with practical skills to fully understand the production process from start to finish, this include effectively evaluating and making adaptations to improve their own work.


As a department we work hard to ensure that pupils can see where the subject may take them and endeavour to ensure that strong links are made with local colleges and businesses to ensure pupils are able to make the next step into further education or employment.



To download the design & Technology curriculum map click HERE