Our English course is designed to develop confident and enquiring minds. We ensure our learners enjoy all aspects of reading, writing, speaking and listening in safe and encouraging environments. Nurturing progress is at the forefront of the curriculum by providing engaging and inclusive lessons. Pupils feel valued and supported in their learning and are encouraged to think creatively, reflect upon their learning, prepare for GCSE exams and be able to apply their knowledge to the world of work.


Learning in English

Students will begin their GCSE English Language and Literature courses at the start of Year 10 under the AQA board. Current GCSE pupils will be working on developing their understanding and knowledge of a wide range of text types including Shakespeare and 19th Century Fiction. Speaking and Listening also plays a crucial role in the development of English skills so it takes place regularly in the classroom. As well as pupils learning skills that will prepare them for their exams they are taught a wide range of transferable skills which develop inquisitive and analytical minds.


In KS3, pupils are able to develop their literacy skills, as well as develop their confidence in all aspects of English due to the diverse curriculum offered. Pupils are well supported in lessons and encouraged to become enquiring and independent learners, preparing them with the skills they will need for their GCSE courses. In year 7 pupils are required to follow the Accelerated Reader programme which monitors their reading ability and progress and in year 8 they move on to a Reading Challenge, designed to offer pupils a variety of reading choices. Structured library lessons are provided on a fortnightly basis to encourage reading and a love of Literature.


Meet the Department


We have a dedicated, lively and enthusiastic English team. We even dress up as your favourite book characters on occasion!


Miss Kemal is our Subject Leader. She is an avid reader and will always be able to recommend a book if you need advice on what to read next. She’s also a little bit obsessed with trashy TV shows, green smoothies and her little cat, Xena. You can contact her about any aspects of the English curriculum.


Miss Bailey is one of our funniest teachers. Her favourite part of the curriculum is teaching Romeo and Juliet at GCSE and the year 7 music management course, as it is so much fun! Miss Bailey is always keen to get pupils involved in our extra-curricular activities.


Mrs Bennett loves to teach drama and enjoys seeing pupils build confidence and technique in their own work. In her spare time she loves to read her kindle and can often be found strutting her stuff in dancing classes!


Mrs Sheriff is a big fan of our scheme of work based on The Apprentice. She really enjoys the way that the pupils get really involved in trying to create and sell a product. Miss Sheriff is always on the lookout for great opportunities for our pupils to take part in outside of school and runs the legendary Harry Potter trip for our year 7!


Mr Davison is an advocate for literacy across our curriculum. He also loves spending time with his two little daughters and enjoys keeping fit for boxing!


Mrs McInally’s favourite Shakespeare play is Romeo and Juliet and she loves the Baz Lurhmann film. At home Mrs McInally keeps busy with her three lovely children and enjoys keeping fit.


Mrs Fairchild enjoys The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne and classes this as the best part of teaching our year 8s. She is always on the lookout for new authors to tell us about. She loves to learn and looks after her quite naughty dog, Henri, in her spare time.


Mrs Swan’s biggest passion (when not teaching English) is music; she has attended multiple festivals around the world, the highlight being Coachella festival in the USA. She is extremely excited about joining the team at Flegg and is looking forward to getting to know the students.


Miss Parkinson thoroughly enjoys going to the theatre especially if there's a good musical on. When she's not walking her cocker spaniel puppy Alfie she enjoys cooking. She's (reluctantly) a loyal fan of NCFC and enjoys watching them when she can. Miss Parkinson really enjoys teaching the new 19C fiction, especially The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.




Pupil progress is carefully monitored throughout the year by class teachers and subject leaders. In the event of a pupil not reaching their expected levels we have a tailored intervention programme that targets the individual needs of the student, which includes revision sessions and one to one mentoring. Parents are kept fully informed of their child’s progress during this course. Parents are also welcome to contact teachers at any opportunity and should expect contact through phone, email or text for both positive and supportive comments.


Events and News

We run a number of fun and exciting events in the department to promote English and reading. Every year we take part in fundraising for the Readathon charity. There are plenty of activities for pupils to get involved in and pupils are fully recognised for their efforts. Cinema trips are arranged for popular films that are based on novels to encourage pupils to embrace all forms of literature. Past trips have included viewings of The Hunger Games and The Hobbit series. The popularity of our year 7 trip to Harry Potter World has meant that we will be running this as a yearly event, as well as a year 9 visit to The Globe Theatre in London. Internal and external competitions are run for poetry, writing and creative projects. Past students have been published in poetry anthologies and made it through to the final stages of BBC2’s 500 word story competition!



Our homework for KS3 and KS4 is set to encourage independent learners. Tasks can be creative and inspiring to encourage engagement with the subject, or could be challenging and set to support exam revision. Students should expect homework on a fortnightly basis. If a pupil is struggling with homework we encourage them to seek guidance before the date it is due in.


Reading will always be an encouraged homework for students and the more that students read at home, with someone else or independently, the easier they will find accessing lessons. We expect pupils to be reading for at least 30 minutes a week at home.



To download the English curriculum map click HERE