Health and Social Care

What is the course about?


Students will learn about how care services are designed to meet the health, and social care needs of individuals, for example, babies and children, adolescence, adults and older people.

They will learn about: types of care services, the ways of obtaining care services and the barriers to access, the main work roles and skills of people who provide health, social care and children's services and the principles of care. The course also covers growth and development in all life stages.


In addition to the very interesting subject material the course develops literacy, research, presentation and analytical evaluation skills in the controlled assessment project.


Career paths

This GCSE will offer valuable preparation for those entering the world of work and those who want to progress to higher education.


Further courses are available at college and university level and depending on the level of qualification gained employment opportunities such as care assistants, doctors, nurses, social workers, physiotherapists, paramedics and counsellors are possible career paths.


How is it assessed?




Health, Social Care and Children's Services

Controlled assessment

Weighting Award



Human Growth and Development

Written paper 1ΒΌ hrs externally set and marked.


To download the Health & Social Care curriculum map click HERE