Information technology

ICT stands for Information Communication Technology. It includes digital literacy, information technology and computing. It is a subject that can really help you to get a job. It explores all the latest exciting innovations. It also helps you cope in a world where we have to deal with more and more information and more and more technology.


The subject is taught by in dedicated ICT rooms equipped with 1 to 1 computers for pupils.


Learning in ICT

Pupils will learn the principals of software use, coding, networking, control and monitoring, as well as e-safety strategies.


At Flegg we believe that ICT is much more than learning to operate the machine. Pupils will develop strategies to apply work to real life tasks. They will learn the principals behind programming and the internet. They will also learn to evaluate information reliability and investigate how the internet and other technologies are changing the world, for good and bad.


From year 9, pupils study for a European Computer Driving Licence, a GCSE equivalent course that covers a range of vocational skills using computer technology.


For pupils who wish to specialise further, there is an option to take a GCSE in computer science. This course investigates programming in more detail, as well as the use of data, networks and the world wide web.


Intervention and support

A computer club runs every Wednesday, open to all pupils.

There are work catch up sessions for key stage 4 pupils in room 18 after school until 5pm on Tuesdays with Mr Bufford.


Support is also available via the ICT website at http://www.flegg.norfolk.sch.uk/ictwebsite/. As well as this

pupils and parents can access users areas and pupil resources through the home access portal available on the website. We also have a youtube channel and Twitter feed to provide news, links, videos and quizzes.


More able pupils prepare help and mini-lessons that are available to those that need them. These can be found in pupil resources.


The department aims to develop independent learning skills by training pupils in strategies to solve ICT problems without teacher help.


Applying your knowledge/career pathways

95% of jobs in the UK require some computer use. The computing sector is one of the few that has grown throughout the recent recession and both government and industry have identified a shortage of new entrants to the jobs market with skills in coding, computer science and technical aspects of ICT.


We have had visits from many people involved in different IT careers, including army telecommunications, games design, data mining and robotics.


Events and news

A group of pupils were trained as cybermentors, to help other pupils stay safe from cyberbullying and other issues when using technology. The cybermentors recently presented an assembly to all pupils in the school. The school developed its own cybermentoring forum, for use by pupils.


Year 9 pupils showed their film trailers at the Martham documentary showing on May 24th 2013.


Year 9, 10 and 11 pupils produced animations for 2 local children’s authors and were mentioned in several local papers.


Click here to see the article in Great Yarmouth Newspaper


Activities and competitions coming soon:

Bafta Young Games Designer competition will be running in 2017 – see http://ygd.bafta.org/ for more details


Manchester Animation 17 animation competition – see http://animation16.cs.manchester.ac.uk/

To download the ICT curriculum map click HERE