Julian House

Julian House derives its name from St. Julian of Norwich. Many people, even in the local area, remain unaware of her work. St Julian’s writings were in many ways ahead of her time, and like all good works, they challenged people’s perceptions. In St. Julian’s case she introduced the idea of God as a loving maternal figure. This would have been a groundbreaking subject to tackle for a woman from Norfolk in the late 14th century. Her book ‘Revelations of Divine Love’ is considered to be the earliest surviving example of an English-language book written by a woman.


House motto - Julian House seeks to embody the pioneering and visionary spirit of St. Julian. Julian House aims to face each challenge with a fresh perspective and a forward thinking approach. Our inclusive, caring and constantly evolving ethos gives Julian House a unique house identity and a platform for pupils to make the right choices and shine.


Meet our house

Head of House: Mr. J Caley

Progress Mentors: LC, PB, SOU, NH, VWH, YK, AF

House Captains: Charlie Hurst, Sophie Sparrow

Deputies: Ryan Lonergan, Stella Larter

Assistant House Captains: Tom Hamilinjinck, Ellie Brown


Julian House pupils are challenged in a rich and varied pastoral environment. Pupils are encouraged to be organised, self-reliant and equipped for their learning. Pupils are prepared for their future curriculum and are alerted to the ever changing and challenging issues that affect their age range. Tutorial time, and our vertical pastoral system, gives pupils the opportunity to develop their social awareness and learn about the responsibilities they have to themselves, families and peers. Julian House also has a newly formed student saviour system which prepares our younger house members for future responsibility in school.


Our promise: Julian House offers pupils the opportunity of reflective and self-governing intervention and support. Pupils can expect to be listened to, guided and trusted to take control of their own actions. We believe that self-awareness and the understanding of our own behaviours are the key contributors to a well-grounded and successful future.


Summer Term: Julian House had its first inaugural Bench ball tournament jointly won by JLC and JSOU. Well done to Ryan Lonergan, Tom Crane and Charlie Hirst for organising an event that everybody enjoyed.


Congratulations to Sophie Rainbird on becoming deputy head girl. This is a well-deserved achievement. Congratulations also to Ryan Lonergan on becoming a senior prefect also.


Harry Potter Day - JNH were unjustly beaten in the Quidditch finals. Clearly the dark arts won that day!

Well done to JAF for having our first perfect showing during uniform inspections. You have a lot to live up to now!