Introduction/ Statement:

‘Hi, and welcome to the Art Department’s webpage. At Flegg High, art is encouraged to develop the creative thinking skills and independent inquiry needed for everyday life. Art and design plays a crucial role in all modern industries and can lead to an enormous range of career prospects. We aim to build on students’ skills and open up new techniques and opportunities for them be inspired and pursue their creative aspirations.


Students can explore a range of disciplines, including sculpture, printing, painting, photography and digital imagery. Art is a popular subject here that can be taken as a GCSE or B-Tec course. The department has also introduced a GCSE course in photography that allows students to explore art using digital methods.’


Meet our department:

We are an ever growing and friendly department with two teachers that are always happy to support the emerging talents that pass our doors. We have two art rooms with features that include computers, printing press and kiln room. There are opportunities to take part in additional workshops throughout the year including animation and blood and gore. Students regularly pop by at breaks and afterschool for additional studies and this is particularly encouraged in KS4.


Learning in Art:

Learning in art is about developing a whole range of skills and abilities that can be useful in everyday life and also open up opportunities into the exciting world of art and art careers. Students explore a range of projects that allow them to discover art in a hands on, exploratory way with lively and detailed modelling of the skills by their enthusiastic teachers. The main areas that are advanced include the key disciplines such as drawing and painting, where we aim to progress their abilities through teaching, assessment, reflection and refinement. As well as this, art encourages the progression of many other attributes, such as creative and reflective thinking skills, communication, imagination and conceptual thinking. At Flegg, we ensure that our students are engaged and inspired by the work that they see and create. We aim to raise aspirations in art and have seen a huge increase in the numbers of pupils wanting to study the subject at school and in further education.


Taking art forwards:

Moving art onto the next stage means looking at the many excellent colleges and universities in our area that provide a whole range of courses. Our GCSE qualifications in photography and art encourage our students to see the benefit of studying in a creative way. Whether you are thinking about photography, illustration, game design, and graphics or just keeping it open with fine art, there are plenty of inspiring options you can take. Qualifications in art and design can lead to employment in commercial illustration, graphics, fashion, product and package design, TV, film and games industries amongst others. Even landscape gardening, manufacturing, production, teaching, and hair and beauty call for the skills developed during art and design courses.  If you would like any more information on this then please ask Mr Coombes or Mr Fair for their advice.


Student Gallery:

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Study support page:

This will have a range of guidance sheets for both KS3 and KS4.


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