Martin House

Martin House

Martin House Motto:

"Our core values in Martin house are to look after each other, encourage respect, show care, consideration and understanding of everyone in the house The head of house will be a be there as a source of support and protection for each pupil, to offer an individual or a group, advice, support and to check on each pupil’s progress.


Like Sarah Martin I want everyone in my house to develop into individuals who strive to reach their full potential, take a pride in their academic studies and achievements and always want to do their best."

Introduction to the house

Sarah Martin was a British philanthropist in the early 1800’s . She was born in Great Yarmouth. Sarah was a dressmaker and devoted much of her time amongst criminals in the Tollhouse Gaol in Great Yarmouth.

Sarah took an interest in the prisoners' welfare and began visiting the gaol in 1818 to inspire the inmates to improve their lives. Martin offered practical help alongside spiritual advice and taught them how to read and write and taught them how to make items which they sold. The prisoners were able to develop a sense of purpose and pride, using their earnings to buy clothes.


Meet Martin Progress Mentors - MLH,MSEB,MDC,MJGH, MPD,MBPMAEC


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Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural

In tutorial students will act as Learning Mentors for the younger students in their tutor group offering them help, support, guidance and practical advice in subject areas that they are struggling in.


In tutorial all students are encouraged to have ‘ a voice’ and all opinions and views are listened to respected. Students are encouraged to lead and run activities in their tutor group.


Older students should strive to be selected as a yr 10 assistant, perfect or senior perfect- all of these roles are all qualities that future employers are  looking for as it displays strong leadership qualities and would be an excellent addition to a CV.


Interventions and support

Where necessary interventions will be implemented, such as a report, home school book or a referral to our excellent network of additional support that works closely with the school ie school nurse, PSA or careers service. If there are concerns contact with parents will be made on a regular basis.


Parents and pupils are encouraged to develop an open and trusting relationship with the Head of House and progress mentor.


News and events

Amy Dowsett MLH was selected for the Norfolk Sportshall u15girls team in January (yrs9&10).  Her team won the Regional final in February and won the UK NATIONAL SPORTSHALL FINAL in April at the NEC in Birmingham. The competition was all of the top teams from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.


Norfolk are the UK SPORTSHALL CHAMPIONS 2013 and all extremely proud of their Gold Medals. Amy also received a Silver medal from  her efforts in the relay.


 Amy competed in her first ever Pentathlon in London against some of the top athletes around in her age group. She finished 9th overall gaining a Penthalon UK ranking of 36.