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Mr John Fox

Arguably, every society seeks to provide the very best education possible for it’s young people.  That is certainly the aspiration of the Governors at Flegg High School.  We want our young people to develop their potential as fully as possible and to have the desire and ability to use their skills for the benefit of others as well as themselves.

I am honoured that the Governors at Flegg have invited me to use my experience to act as their Chairman as we seek to realise our ambition. In addition to being part of a family, I have had some forty years of experience working in the education sector as well as shorter periods of work in industry.  I would like to think that the periods of time that I have spent in these sectors have been a continuing learning process, and do not amount to making the same mistakes over and again!


We hope that you will keep in constant touch with us telling us what you believe we are doing well and also, where you feel that we could make improvements.



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