Pupils should study psychology if they are interested in their own behaviour and that of other people. Studying psychology will help them understand why people behave as they do. It will also teach them how to think scientifically. It is about helping people and they will study treatments, therapies and the roles of the psychologist.


Pupils do not need any prior knowledge of psychology to take the GCSE. Psychology is the study of mind and behaviour and, through their own experiences, they will already have an understanding of how individuals and groups function


The subject is taught by Mrs Stolady and Mrs Hall.


Learning in Psychology


Pupils will be exploring how we see and understand our world and if dreams are meaningful. We investigate whether aggression and antisocial behaviour comes from our biology (for example genes and hormones) or our upbringing and social habits. We also consider why we have phobias and how we can help people with them. We explore the work of the forensic, clinical and educational psychologist as well as the role of the psychoanalyst. During our study we also examine the methods used in psychology and the ethics of research.


During the course we work with the School of Psychology at the UEA who come along to Flegg and introduce the subject to pupils. This year they will be exploring perception and dreaming with our pupils. In the Autumn Term we have the opportunity for pupils to visit the UEA and take part in psychological experiments.


The department aims to develop the independent learning skills of pupils and an excellent aide to this is the training in research skills offered as part of the course.


Intervention and Support


If pupils need help or are absent from school, we have catch up sessions in room 15 after school on Tuesdays from 3 – 4:30 pm.


Further support is also available on Pupil Resources which can be accessed both from school via the user areas and home via our school website (home access, using the pupil school login and password to gain entry). Visit Pupil Resources/Subjects/Psychology to find all our lessons and their resources. Nearer to the time of the examinations, revision material is also available to pupils.


Career Pathways


A GCSE in psychology will support pupils in AS and A level studies. The skills learnt, such as how to evaluate, how to see problems in data gathering and how to interpret graphs and data, will be very useful in further study.


Pupils can go on to a health and social care course which includes psychology. They can use skills developed in psychology in other subjects such as English literature (for example, looking at Virginia Woolf or Shakespeare’s Hamlet) and sociology (for example, considering the role of self-fulfilling prophecy). Business studies, media studies and biology also include psychology.


Pupils will find psychology useful in many areas of work, such as selling, marketing, teaching, training, management and coaching.




Summer Term: Working with UEA psychologists at Flegg


Autumn Term: Visit to the UEA to participate in experiments and experience life at university