Committee structures

Governors Strategic Summary

The governing body structure


As Governors we are incredibly proud of our role and our responsibility to ensure the continued improvement and development of Flegg High School. In that capacity we have identified three core objectives that provide clear direction and purpose to the challenge and support given by us to the school and its leaders:


CO1: Governors will secure the best possible experience for all the young people of our community without exception, that is for them 'to be the best they can be, and then better'.


CO2: Governors will set the highest standards as an employer and professional institute, ensuring excellence in support, well-being for all and development to improve performance.


CO3: Governors will ensure that Flegg High School plays a key role as a community leader, working with other institutions and individuals to excel in collaboration and partnership for the good of the school and the wider world.


In order to achieve these core objectives the Governing Body has laid out 9 Strategic Objectives it will challenge and support the leadership of the school to deliver on. These statements will allow the Governing Body to have focus in our drive for improvement and accountability in order for the school to become the outstanding institution it should be. They also mirror aspects of the key objectives laid out in the Academy Improvement Plan and reflect the same expectations and aspirations contained therein.


Achievement – led by the Standards Committee

SO1: For every student, irrespective of prior attainment and context to make at least the progress expected of them, and for significant numbers to exceed those expectations.


SO2: For the school to clearly demonstrate how it is identifying areas for development and to illustrate how it will secure improvements where needed.


Quality of Teaching – led by the Standards and Premises Committees

SO3: For every student to experience high quality education that inspires and engages them, helps them to make progress and provides them with the skills they will need to become leading members of their community.


SO4: For the learning environment to be one which enhances and supports those experiences, and for learning to be resourced in such a way that progress for students is further enhanced.


Behaviour and Safety – led by the Personnel Committee

SO5: For every student to enjoy their time at school, to have a passion for learning, to work collaboratively for success, to be independent learners with a grasp of the wider world and their place in it.


SO6: For every student and member of staff to be safe, healthy and happy and for them to know issues will be dealt with fairly and equally.


Leadership and Management – led by the Finance Committee

SO7: For school leaders to know that Governors will provide robust and challenging support to ensure the best outcomes for the young people in our care.


SO8: For all aspects of school life to be monitored and held stringently accountable, and for improvement priorities to be clearly identified and supported by Governors, ensuring value for money and best use of resources.


Overall – led by the Full Governing Body

SO9: For the school to develop its role as a leading community hub, to constantly strive to improve and to be a passionate advocate for high aspirations, with similar expectations of students, parents, staff and all stakeholders