Recognising Student Success - The Gold Book


At Flegg High we believe it is really important to recognise and celebrate the success of our young people. To this end we are in the process of launching a new initiative to the students, which does just that.


Every week, in just one lesson, two members of staff will visit every classroom in the school; this will be a very short stop! They will ask the teacher to nominate one or two students in the lesson who have performed particularly well; it could be an excellent contribution, their homework or maybe just their general attitude. Once nominated, your son or daughter will receive a congratulatory postcard, along with 2 House Points. Any student who receives 10 nominations in the year will automatically receive the Principal’s Award and a £25 Amazon Voucher, in recognition of their outstanding success.


We want to introduce the system because it instantly recognises really good performances by students in the classroom and we feel it is important to reward that success as soon as possible. We also want the whole class to understand what it is that you have to do in the classroom to succeed; to this end teachers will be encouraged to nominate students for doing the best they can as an individual.


‘The Gold Book’ will be arriving in their classrooms soon, so keep an eye out for postcards as they start coming home and when it does ask them why they received it and celebrate their good work all over again.


This scheme will also allow us to see great things happening in the classroom and praise those who can sometimes be overlooked.


We hope you will agree that this is a really positive initiative, aimed at engaging students in driving for success and we thank you for your continued support.