Study skills

The idea behind these events is to enable parents, carers and guardians the opportunity to visit workshops  intended to help provide support at home, become better acquainted with the type of learning at the school and to understand more fully how the school works to provide for our students.


The types of workshops on offer at the Key Stage 3 Study Skills evening are as follows:

Revision tips

Assessment for Learning – a practical look at how this is done in the classroom and how you can extend this at home

       SAM learning – on line materials to promote revision and progress

       Go 4 Schools – getting familiar with and interpreting our targets and reports

       Reading Strategies – raising engagement and levels of literacy for learning

       Maths Skills – How do they teach them to add up these days?

       English Skills – Is it just reading and writing?

       Science Skills – What an earth just happened?

       Curriculum: the future? – design and developments

       Learning Styles – How do you learn best and what does that mean?

       Study Skills – How powerful is your brain?

       Technologies in Education – the use of new technologies in making a positive difference to learning

       Parents and High School – what to expect and how to get involved


       The Pupils’ Perspective – what students think and do about the quality of learning at Flegg High

       On Line learning – try out the web sites and activities which support learning

       Revising – practical ideas on how to revise and learn in different subjects

Each workshop runs for 20 minutes with plenty of opportunities to get involved and ask questions. There are refreshments following the sessions and staff will be available to answer any further questions you might have in the school hall.


Pupils are welcome too and can improve their own revision strategies, look at how they can make a difference to their learning and get extra support if needed.


At Key Stage 4 these evenings will have a greater emphasis on examinations and increasing performance as well as making the right choices about what subjects to take and where these might lead!


We look forward to you joining us!