Work skills

Work skills

 WorkSkills helps you gain essential skills to function in employment and in life.

Students learn transferable skills to allow them to work effectively within groups and independently. They will be focusing on developing skills that will springboard them into the workplace post-16.


There is no set exam in this course; all students complete a portfolio of evidence for each unit to show their understanding of the skills needed in the world of work. Evidence includes audio and video recordings, discussions, group and individual projects, careers interviews, out-of school visits and written evidence.


The course is taught by Mr Hall, who is Subject Coordinator for WorkSkills. The course uses a variety of resources, including video cameras and computers, to attain evidence.


Learning in WorkSkills

The BTEC in WorkSkills is a flexible qualification available in a range of sizes and levels. It has an extensive range of units, giving learners the opportunity to build their own BTEC that caters for their needs. It provides recognition for learners’ abilities and evidence of the skills required for success in the workplace.


Intervention and support

The structure and delivery of the WorkSkills qualification means that there is a high level of peer support and 1-1 tutor support. After school sessions are also arranged as catch-up time. Course information can be found at http://www.edexcel.com/quals/workskills/level2/Pages/default.aspx .


More able pupils prepare projects and larger scale independent works such as the unit 30 ‘producing a product’ unit. Thus the department aims to develop independent learning skills by training pupils in strategies to solve problems and create plans and items without teacher help.


Applying knowledge/career pathways

Employers such as Coca Cola, Deloitte and McDonalds wholeheartedly support what learning programmes, such as WorkSkills, can bring to learners and regularly tell Edexcel (the awarding body) that having a workforce who are prepared for work and engaged in learning is a huge advantage.


Also, employability skills are a top priority for businesses. 82% of the firms who responded to the CBI’s 2011 Education and Skills Survey said it was the most important consideration when recruiting



Recent news

To support the above research, recently, a WorkSkills team were runners up in Norfolk enterprise competition in association with NWES. Also one WorkSkills student gained a job at a hair and beauty salon after displaying good employability skills. WorkSkills students conducted successful personalised job interviews with the Flegg High Business Manager, and some WorkSkills students produced special “FHS” home-grown flower displays for the school site to support unit 30.


Recent results:

2014 – 100% pass rate

2015 – 100% pass rate